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21.11.2008, 21:09
Whats going on guys , my name is carlos and I just moved to germany a couple of months ago and I wanted to share my build from the last 6 years. Here's a small list of mods ................

93 honda civic dx
H22A motor
darton sleeves
wiseco pistons 9:1
crower rods
ported head
crower cams & valvetrain
crp turbo mani
crp 3"dp w/manual cutout
Pte sc61 w/.63 ar
pte 880cc injectors
tial 44mm wastegate
3" full exhaust
tein ss coilovers
srr 19mm rear sway/tiebars.........blah....blah....... you get the idea.

21.11.2008, 21:27
daaamn... that looks nice :)

welcome :D

21.11.2008, 21:27
good that you figured it out now^^

nice setup
hope to see you on some events (due to the weather next year):wink:

keep it up:up:

now i know what's papa los
didn't knew its your nic^^

21.11.2008, 21:43
welcome nice civic

do you come with that civic times to German racewars and do drive there
1/4 mile?:D


21.11.2008, 22:10
Thanks guys , I've put alot of blood and sweat into this car and I feel good about where it's at right now.......and yes I plan on making it to german race wars and 1 on 1 motorsports here in bitburg :up: .

22.11.2008, 08:09
WTF:eDamn nice car mate!!!

what time you ride on the 1/4mile?

22.11.2008, 08:26
It's ran a best of 11.09 @ 130 mph and km? This was on my medium boost setting so I'm yet to see what it will really do . My goal is 10.50's and I think this is possible was the setup it has today......we'll find out this spring :D .

22.11.2008, 09:13
looks very sexy!!!

You guys from the Air Force Base must have much time :D

22.11.2008, 10:24
I am from 30 April to 3 May 2009 with German racewars and you?#

how does much HP have civic?:D


22.11.2008, 10:39
It makes 411 whp and 320tq at 16psi daily on pump gas and 500 + whp on race gas.....

22.11.2008, 18:09
welcome papa_los
Nice car. A real sleeper :up:

Where are you from? (the state?)

22.11.2008, 19:13
I'm from california (L.A.) but I'm coming from seattle washington. I was here in bitburg from 98-02 and now I'm back. I've been here about 4 months now and I'm just tryin to meet some people since there is no honda community in bitburg. What about yourself , I see you have american plates on your mustang.

23.11.2008, 01:10
I'm german.
I've imported the Mustang a few months ago from (don't kidding you) LosAngeles :D

23.11.2008, 02:17
Hey papa los whats up

Kutsuju Racing :-)

23.11.2008, 07:42
What up michael , you should be working on your car and stop messing around all these forums hahaha........Hey man you need to invite a select few of your friends to kutsuju forums so we can get ready for spring. I'm working on a few things but we'll get it back up........one of these days I want you to take pictures of my car.

23.11.2008, 17:41

nice ride :D

24.11.2008, 09:17
Thanks again, this has been my project for the last 6 years and I bought this car stock with a 1.5 sohc. This is my 4th honda I've owned and I've been a honda guy for 9 years now. We have a team here in germany called kutsuju racing and we're building our chapter back up. If there is anyone intrested please post up pictures and if all works out we may invite you to a meeting in the future. Please keep in mind we have high standards and only want the best of the best and people who are truelly dedicated to building cars and people who want to join a family that is world wide. Thanks for looking guys ...............